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February 15th, 2017 by Attorney Roger Weinberg

Sava Senior Care is one of the country’s largest operators of nursing homes. This Atlanta-based corporation operates through “affiliated entities,” so you may not know they’re involved in a facility because you may not find their name on the sign. Sava’s size doesn’t necessary translate to appropriate care for residents. It operates ten facilities in Maryland, according to its website:

  • Arcola Health and Rehabilitation Center in Silver Spring
  • Bel Air Health and Rehabilitation Center in Bel Air
  • Bethesda Health and Rehabilitation Center, Bethesda
  • Forest Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center, Forest Hill
  • Glen Burnie Health and Rehabilitation Center, Glen Burnie
  • Heritage Harbor Health and Rehabilitation Center, Annapolis
  • North Arundel Health and Rehabilitation Center, Glen Burnie
  • Overlea Health and Rehabilitation Center, Baltimore
  • Patuxent River Health and Rehabilitation Center, Laurel
  • Summit Park Health and Rehabilitation Center, Catonsville.

Sava states it offers the following services through its nursing homes:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Wound care
  • Hospice care
  • Respite care.

Sava has found itself in legal trouble in different areas of the country.

A Georgia family sued Sava in 2015 due to the death of 89-year-old James Dempsey, who was supposed to be staying at the company’s Atlanta facility for a short time. Dempsey told his family he was nervous about staying there and they secretly placed a video recorder in his room, according to WSB-TV.

When his son, Tim Dempsey, learned that his father died at the facility in 2014, he said he assumed it was due to natural causes. After reviewing the tape of his father’s last hours, though, he changed his mind. The tape shows Dempsey’s multiple cries for help before he died were ignored.

  • During the morning of his death Dempsey pressed the call/help light button from his bed six times.
  • He shouted, “Help, help, help,” and appeared to be pointing to his heart.
  • A nurse told Dempsey, “You gotta stop putting the light on. What do you want now?”
  • Another told him, “You’re having anxiety that’s all, you just need to calm down.”
  • About two hours after the initial call light, nurses administered CPR for several minutes; then the video shows paramedics arriving.

The Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service (MPAS), the state-appointed group that investigates accusations of abuse and neglect against those with disabilities, filed a federal lawsuit against Crestmont Nursing Care Center, Inc., in Fenton, a Sava facility, last June.

The plaintiff claims it learned in February of allegations of possible abuse or neglect of about ten residents after licensing surveys done in 2015, according to Michigan Live. The survey showed allegations of abuse and neglect including:

  • The failure to develop care plans
  • The failure to properly treat pressure sores
  • The administration of psychotropic medications
  • The failure to provide appropriate social services.

MPAS officials state they made several requests for records relating to alleged incidents, as well as the residents’ records, but Sava hadn’t supplied any. The company claimed those requests were misplaced and they were trying to find documents concerning the residents.

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