Client Testimonials

“It is with humble hearts that we, The Hayes Family, thank you for helping us settle the case of our mother, the matriarch of our family.

We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding way you guided and directed us through this entire process. We are so glad you were recommended and that you believed in us to take our case. You were candid with us while keeping mindful of our feelings as we were still grieving the loss of our beloved mother.

While we are still on our healing journey, please know that we are truly grateful for your time, professionalism, expertise, sincerity, tenacity, due diligence and generosity. Best wishes to you as you continue to successfully settle future cases.”

– The Hayes Siblings (January 2020)

Makeda T. Robinson, et al. v. Manor Care-Woodbridge Valley MD, LLC

“Mr. Weinberg, Thank you for the exceptional way you handled my and Makeda’s legal claim in the above matter. Your knowledge, experience and expertise achieved a timely and favorable outcome for us. We especially appreciated your practical advice and guidance throughout the process. Knowing you had compassion and concern for our best interests led to a stress-free and comforting relationship during a distressing time. You will always be my first consideration for future legal matters. Again, thank you.”

– Dolores (August 26, 2016)

“Mr. Weinberg made a situation that was extremely stressful so much less so. He handled everything for me in such a way that the experience was so much easier. I had just lost my son and was not in the best from of mind to handle anything stressful. This was a case of neglect and Mr. Weinberg knew everything that needed to be done. The mediator he hired was also excellent. Don’t think I could have made it through this process without him. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney and staff.

– Linda (August 6, 2014)

“Roger Weinberg is not only a compassionate person; he is a highly competent and effective lawyer. We worked with Roger for two years in our case regarding our mother’s unfortunate neglect at an assisted living facility. He helped all of us (five children living in various states) stay focused and informed during the course of the lawsuit which eventually led to a trial. Roger was resourceful during every phase of the lawsuit, especially at trial where he defended our case with aplomb. All of us are deeply grateful to Roger as he worked long and hard to represent us during a stressful period. Despite several setbacks, he continued to press forward reassuring our family with his gentle wit and humor. As a result, we won our case. Under his expert guidance, we were finally able to find closure.

– Madeline (August 20, 2015)

“Roger is a tireless researcher, he understood the personal side and what we were looking to accomplish. He was supportive through the entire process and accepting of our final decision. He is a very good attorney and a very compassionate person.

– John (July 31, 2015)

“I would highly recommend Mr. Weinberg. He always had my best interest and always included me before making decisions. He kept me informed of how the case was going, what issues were on the table and what my options were. He would take time to answer any question I had. While he was personable and made you feel at ease he never lost his professionalism. I find that I say to people “he’s my lawyer!”

– Darlene (July 31, 2015)

“Roger is an excellent attorney. Whenever I contacted him he called me back even on weekends. He took time to explain the legal process. On a personal note… he cared about me and my family during a very difficult time in my life.

– Theresa (July 30, 2015)

I’ve had the pleasure of having Mr. Roger Weinberg handle two legal issues for me.

The first was my divorce in 2007-2008. Roger provided me with excellent representation and was very patient when my ex’s lawyer requested 10 years of financial history, bills, etc. and I produced the 3 book-boxes of paperwork, plus all tax returns, in duplicate. He was amazingly helpful and very sensitive to keeping fees as low as possible, given the circumstances. He even handled the details to get my last joint tax return signed, to keep my tax bill as low as possible, too.

Due to that excellent experience, I reached out to Mr. Weinberg to assist with legal questions and subsequent litigation regarding the current disposition of my parent’s house. He endeavored to bear in mind my financial situation as my brother and I dealt with the incorrect deed filed by our step-mother in settling our father’s estate and issues with his poorly constructed Will. Mr. Weinberg showed great patience with my brother’s quirky personality, explaining the precise meaning of various terms, required actions, Maryland legal rules, and options we had available, as well as the basis for his advice.

Mr. Weinberg was often as annoyed with the nonsensical positions taken by the opposing legal team as we were. My step-mom’s legal team did NOT charge her for the litigation (they’d advised her on the incorrect deed) so we were up against much deeper pockets. Roger helped us keep costs down by allowing us a first pass at the analysis of each of their filings and responses, which saved us time and expense.

Mr. Weinberg educated us on some of the finer points of law, found relevant precedents and advised us well. He provided excellent counsel during mediation and advice when the other side breached the agreement before we even had the chance to get the deal inked.

We prevailed in the end. Thankfully, the final disposition came a few weeks before my brother passed away from cancer, allowing us to savor the successful resolution together. As my brother’s health was failing, Mr. Weinberg provided helpful tips in selecting a nursing/rehab facility for my brother, located in northern NJ.

In my opinion, both cases were handled by Mr. Weinberg as well as anyone could have. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Weinberg.

– Karen

Attorney Roger S. Weinberg

Attorney Roger S. WeinbergRoger Weinberg is a skilled and experienced attorney who has pioneered the legal field of representing Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Developmental Disability victims and their families who have experienced abuse, neglect and wrongful death. He is a leader in this field and teaches other lawyers, students and medical personnel about the laws impacting such cases. [ Attorney Bio ]

  • Award: Nursing Home top 10 Trial Lawyers
  • Award: American Association for Justice
  • Award: Maryland Association for Justice
  • Award: The National Trial Lawyers
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