Real-Life Client Examples

Nursing Home – Failure of nursing home staff to properly intervene when a resident’s tracheostomy tube became plugged. The resident died from lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain. Confidential Settlement (2016).

Medical Malpractice – Failure by anesthesiologist to control and maintain a patient’s blood pressure during a routine shoulder surgery. As a direct result, the patient suffered a brain injury, which left him with permanent disabilities including total paralysis of his dominant arm, speech, and cognitive problems. Confidential Settlement (2016).

Assisted Living Neglect – Failure of assisted living facility to obtain emergency medical care for an 86 year old woman resulting in pain, suffering and death in the facility. A Jury Verdict of $1,000,000 was awarded. (Circuit Court of Harford County, Maryland: Kathleen Woodcock, et al vs. Hart Heritage of Forest Hill, Inc. et al.) (2014)

Nursing Home Neglect – Failure to follow fall prevention plan resulting in a fall and death of an 88 year old woman. Confidential settlement. (2015)

Medical Malpractice – Failure of physician to recognize signs of brain bleed and delayed treatment. Confidential settlement. (2015)

Developmentally Disabled –Failure of staff in group home to recognize signs and symptoms of severe constipation and obtain prompt medical care resulting in death of a 22 year old man with severe behavior problems. Confidential settlement. (2015).

Assisted Living FacilityWrongful death of an 89 year old woman with Alzheimer’s dementia with a history of falls. She exited the facility into a courtyard, fell and suffered injuries to her head. Confidential settlement. (2015)

Developmentally Disabled – Choking death in a group home of a 22 year old man with psychological problems. Confidential settlement. (2014)

Assisted Living Facility – Death of an 84 year old woman who fell in the bathroom while unattended by staff, which was against her care plan as she was a fall risk. She suffered a fractured neck and subdural hematoma and died several weeks later. Confidential settlement.

Nursing Home – Death of 93 year old woman due to development of Stage IV pressure ulcers (bedsores) while in the nursing home. Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Death of an 86 man who had numerous falls in the facility, fractures and developed contractures and then stage IV pressure ulcers (bedsores). Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Injuries to an 80 year old woman who had a stroke and multiple medical problems was in a nursing home for rehabilitation. The facility failed to properly assess her and develop and implement the proper care plan resulting in a foot ulcer. The foot ulcer became gangrenous resulting a bone infection and amputation of most of her leg. Confidential Settlement.

Developmentally Disabled – Death of an autistic and severely mentally challenged 22 year old man who choked on a latex glove and died in a group home. Confidential Settlement.

Developmentally Disabled – Sexual and physical abuse by a caregiver in a group home towards a 22 year old male. The facility was shut down by the state and the caregiver jailed and later deported. Confidential Settlement.

Developmentally Disabled – Death of a 23 year old man who had a history of behavior issues and known head banging. He was banging his head at his day program for the developmentally disabled. The staff failed to intervene and he died of fractured skull, subdural hematoma and brain injuries. Confidential Settlement.

Assisted Living Facility –Death of an 87 year old woman as a result of a fall. The facility failed to abide by its own policies and procedures and failed to develop an adequate fall prevention plan. Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Death of an 82 year old woman as a result of fractures, dehydration infections and sepsis. Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Death of an 83 year old woman due to dehydration malnutrition, Stage IV pressure ulcer, infection and sepsis. Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Severe injuries to a 79 year old woman who became dehydrated, malnourished and developed a stage IV pressure ulcer. Months later she died of unrelated causes. Confidential Settlement.

Nursing Home – Elopement and death of an elderly man with Alzheimer’s dementia. The man got out of the facility on a cold winter night and suffered a brain injury when he fell trying to scale a fence. Confidential Settlement.

Developmentally Disabled – Death of a mentally competent but physically handicapped 20 year old man. The young man was playing wheelchair football and was rammed by another non-disabled player causing the wheelchair to flip over. He sustained an epidural hematoma, skull fracture and died several hours later. No helmets were required in this organized game, which would have prevented his death. Confidential Settlement one week before trial.

Continuing Care Retirement Community – Physical and Sexual Abuse of a woman in their assisted living unit. The 64 year old woman was physically abused and improper doses of medication were given. Confidential Settlement.

Hospital Fall— claim by a 79 year old woman who sustained a fracture when she fell in a hospital. She was a known fall risk. Confidential Settlement.

Medical malpractice – claim by a woman regarding a negligent gall bladder removal surgery. The physician admitted cutting the wrong duct injuring the patient and requiring multiple corrective surgeries. Confidential Settlement several weeks before trial.

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