Five Ways a Baltimore Elder Care Abuse and Neglect Lawyer Can Help Your Nursing Home Lawsuit

February 16th, 2017 by Attorney Roger Weinberg

I became a lawyer to help people; now I help those who truly need it, victims of abuse and neglect by Maryland nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
I feel honored when someone decides that I’m the right attorney for them, and I understand that this is a very serious responsibility.

There are many ways I help my clients, including…


I can only hope your family has had to endure only this one instance of abuse or neglect. Over the years I have helped numerous families deal with facilities, their insurance companies and lawyers. Chances are rare that something totally unique will come up, but if it does, given the number of times I’ve represented clients, I will be able to address it.


Since starting to work as an attorney in 1983, I’ve learned a lot. Not just about the laws and regulations that apply to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, but also how they function, how they’re managed, how the legal system works, how insurance companies operate, what the critical factual and legal issues might be in a case. I’ve also learned something about people. I’ve learned about those who neglect and abuse people and those who suffer because of them; I understand their needs and how I can support and help them.

Finding the facts

These cases don’t just suddenly appear in court. It all starts with an investigation. I know what to look for, where I need to look and how we can find out what happened in order to discover the critical facts in a case and how they can be proven. Sometimes there’s credible evidence of neglect and abuse; sometimes there isn’t. I tell families what I find and what I think happened, whatever that may be, whether it leads to legal claims or not.


The ability to negotiate, like any other skill, improves with knowledge and experience. There are few people who regularly negotiate matters this serious, but it’s been a part of my job for many years. The vast majority of cases aren’t decided at trial. The parties come to an agreement and the legal claims are settled. I help my clients negotiate agreements that meet their needs and bring closure to victims and their families.


Sometimes cases can’t be settled. Often due to unreasonable demands or offers. I know many of the attorneys who defend facilities, and what their tactics and approaches are. I’ve learned what facts and strategies can be effective in winning over a jury and what must be avoided so we don’t turn a jury against us. I’ve learned what I, my clients and witnesses need to do at a trial to give us the best chances of a verdict in our favor.

If your loved one died or was injured while under the care of a Maryland nursing home or assisted living facility and you believe it was caused by abuse, neglect or negligence, contact our office. We can talk about the situation, the applicable laws, what types of damages may be sought and your legal options for obtaining compensation and justice for the deceased.  At the Law Offices of Roger S. Weinberg you’ll find compassionate support and experienced advocates to help your family through the tough times. Call 410-825-3161 today to schedule a free consultation.

Attorney Roger S. Weinberg

Attorney Roger S. WeinbergRoger Weinberg is a skilled and experienced attorney who has pioneered the legal field of representing Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Developmental Disability victims and their families who have experienced abuse, neglect and wrongful death. He is a leader in this field and teaches other lawyers, students and medical personnel about the laws impacting such cases. [ Attorney Bio ]

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