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Society glorifies people who never give up. Their heroic struggles end in professional, financial or personal success. We’re told that quitters never win and we should go down fighting. Though that attitude is key to getting ahead during our lives, for many of us in Maryland we need to switch gears as we approach the end of our lives. The focus should be on the quality of life, not just on lengthening it, and that’s where hospice comes in.

Lorien Health Systems is a locally run chain of ten nursing home and assisted living facilities located in four Maryland counties (Howard, Baltimore, Carroll and Harford). If you or a loved one suffered neglect or abuse at a Lorien facility we may be able to help.

This month has been designated National Home Care & Hospice Month as well as National Long Term Care Awareness Month. If you or a loved one are receiving these services in Maryland, you understand how common they are and the number of people served. For the rest of us, November is a good time to think about how important these services are now and, given our aging population, how much more important they will be in the future.

Genesis HealthCare is the largest provider of nursing home and assisted living services in the country. Its website states it operates more than 500 facilities nationwide. The company calls itself “the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services from short-term to long-term and a wide variety of living options and professional clinical services.” Though the company may consider itself a “leader,” the fact is that many of its nursing home residents needlessly suffer due to neglect by its staff.

Brookdale operates more than 1,100 assisted living facilities in 47 states, according to its website. One of those states is Maryland, where it operates seven facilities. Assisted living facilities are meant to provide a level of care that is less involved than that of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. One of the dangers of using such a facility is that the operator may be more focused on filling beds and generating income than ensuring residents are not too disabled to safely live there. (more…)

The National Center for Assisted Living, an industry group representing those owning assisted living facilities, has a National Assisted Living Week every year. This year it’s September 11-17, with the theme “Keep Connected,” in hopes that those living and working in these facilities can be made more aware of each other and encouraging residents’ use of technology to keep in touch with others.

If you want to file a complaint with Maryland’s Department of Health & Mental Hygiene you can do so anonymously or you can include your name and choose whether or not the facility can learn of your identity. Whether anonymous complaints serve the public is being debated in the Illinois legislature, according to U.S. News & World Report. (more…)

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of our lives. It can also change how elders and those with severe disabilities are cared for. WebMD has a number of suggestions for caregivers of those with cognitive issues (including dementia and Parkinson’s disease), and many of these ideas could be helpful if you need to care for someone who can’t care for themselves, regardless of the reason. (more…)

The abuse of any elderly or disabled person is always disturbing, but what can be especially cruel is the sexual abuse of those in assisted living facilities. Sexual predators take advantage of the elderly and disabled who may be physically or mentally unable to fight back. If a loved one has suffered this kind of attack, contact the Law Offices of Roger S. Weinberg office right away so we can take immediate legal action to make sure this abuse stops and your family member is protected. (more…)

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