Future Care Nursing Homes

April 4th, 2017 by Attorney Roger Weinberg

Future Care is a Pasadena-based, family-owned operator of 14 skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Maryland. Its first one, in Pineview, opened in 1986, and the company now employs about 3,800 people. Future Care provides dialysis, short-stay rehabilitation, ventilator care and skilled nursing facilities.

Their locations include:

  • Canton Harbor in Baltimore
  • Charles Village in Baltimore
  • Cherrywood in Reisterstown
  • Chesapeake in Arnold
  • Cold Spring in Baltimore
  • Courtland in Baltimore
  • Good Samaritan in Baltimore
  • Homewood in Baltimore
  • Irvington in Baltimore
  • Lochearn in Baltimore
  • Northpoint in Baltimore
  • Old Court in Baltimore
  • Pineview in Clinton
  • Sandtown in Baltimore.

Eleven of the facilities are on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website. For most of them, their overall rating is “above average”; one is “much above average”; three are “average”; and one (Chesapeake in Arnold) is ranked as “below average.”

The company’s website states its facilities are involved in a “Hospitalizations” campaign. Its reported goal is to “prevent our residents from the trauma and risks associated with hospitalization when an acute condition can safely be managed in the facility.” The benefits listed include the fact that residents avoid the hassle of a trip to the hospital while staff cares for residents on-site.

While residents can face problems while being cared for in a hospital, there are conditions and situations which Future Care is not equipped to handle. Failure to transfer a resident because of a serious medical problem that gets worse in a nursing home can be a basis for a negligence lawsuit. One factor motivating Future Care may be the fact that they don’t receive payment for care if a resident is elsewhere, so there’s a financial incentive to keep ill residents in the facility as long as possible.

Virtually any nursing home can be the scene of neglect or abuse. Some of the issues that residents may face include:

  • Alzheimer’s patients may become agitated or wander off the premises; poorly trained or overwhelmed staff may not properly handle a resident with Alzheimer’s, inappropriately restraining them.
  • If the resident can’t feed himself, staff members may not devote the time and energy needed to assist the person, and the resident may suffer from nutritional neglect.
  • A resident could suffer abuse by another resident because there is insufficient supervision or proper care, resulting in the verbal, emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse of others.
  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers can develop for residents who aren’t mobile and who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down; staff may not properly turn the person often enough and sores can become infected, potentially threatening the resident’s life.
  • A resident may suffer physical injuries because of an assault by a staff member or resident; he or she might fall because of over-medication, lack of supervision or if staff improperly tried to lift the resident out of a chair or bed.
  • Since nursing homes have an obligation to provide residents with proper medical care, not recognizing or properly treating a health condition could cause lasting harm and even death.
  • Residents may suffer injuries and even die due to medication mismanagement by the staff. It’s very common for nursing home residents to be given the wrong medications or the wrong dose at the wrong time.

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