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Brookdale operates more than 1,100 assisted living facilities in 47 states, according to its website. One of those states is Maryland, where it operates seven facilities. Assisted living facilities are meant to provide a level of care that is less involved than that of a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. One of the dangers of using such a facility is that the operator may be more focused on filling beds and generating income than ensuring residents are not too disabled to safely live there. (more…)

Lawsuits involving Maryland nursing homes, group homes and assisted living facilities can be very emotionally charged. No matter the pain, suffering and anguish a defendant may have caused, in the end a successful lawsuit provides only monetary compensation (though you may get satisfaction when the responsible party is held accountable). That amount of money, known as damages, is meant to compensate the victim and his or her family for the harm done. (more…)

People who have dementia face a progressive disease that impacts their cognitive abilities, can change their personalities, cause hallucinations and impact their physical well being. Eventually those with dementia may need round-the-clock care, which family care givers may find difficult, if not impossible. Often those with dementia are placed in Maryland nursing homes or facilities that specialize in caring for dementia patients. Where will a person with dementia live longer — at home or in a nursing home?

For most of us, a bout of food poisoning is a temporary, but awful, experience causing pain, vomiting and diarrhea. For those living in Maryland nursing homes, food poisoning can be a serious threat because of advanced age, poor health, impaired immune systems and pre-existing medical conditions.

Short-term rehabilitation is where the Medicare money is, so increasingly Maryland nursing homes are prioritizing those patients over traditional long-term care residents. That’s because Medicare payments for short-term care are 84% higher than Medicaid payments for long-term care. Many long-term care patients rely on Medicaid, the government health care program for the indigent, to pay their nursing home bills.

Depending on the facts of the case, there could be a number of legal claims filed against a nursing home or an assisted living facility following the death or serious injury of a resident in Maryland. Though extreme cases of neglect or abuse are occasionally covered by the media, most often legal claims involve simple negligence. (more…)

If you want to file a complaint with Maryland’s Department of Health & Mental Hygiene you can do so anonymously or you can include your name and choose whether or not the facility can learn of your identity. Whether anonymous complaints serve the public is being debated in the Illinois legislature, according to U.S. News & World Report. (more…)

Nursing home residents and their families trust those owning and managing nursing homes to hire, supervise and retain trustworthy, competent people who will not neglect or abuse residents. Maryland nursing homes are not always up to the task. Some of them act negligently when they fail to supervise employees and prevent harm to residents. (more…)

Alzheimer’s disease is a crippling disease that kills brain cells and gradually erodes a person’s mental abilities, personality and physical health. There is no cure, but there are treatments that may slow down its progression. Alzheimer’s is a major reason why people enter nursing homes and other facilities that specialize in caring for those with the disease. Because Alzheimer’s robs people of their memory and mental faculties, victims are especially at risk for neglect and abuse. (more…)

When working on cases of nursing home neglect and abuse, you learn a lot about people. You learn how decent and caring our clients and their families are. You also learn that some nursing home employees have no concept of respecting other people, especially those who are older and/or disabled. They don’t have a problem with degrading others for fun. (more…)

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