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Many health care providers now keep medical information in electronic form, including about half of all nursing homes. Although there are benefits to this (easier access to information by staff, less time by staff moving around paper files) there are also costs. Security is better with paper records, assuming the paper files are stored and/or disposed of properly. On the other hand, millions of electronic records have been stolen by hackers from employers, health care providers and insurance companies. (more…)

Nursing home abuse attorney Roger Weinberg has prepared a PowerPoint presentation as a helpful tool to others: “Establishing Liability & Common Defenses in Nursing Home Litigation“.

Available on Slideshare, Roger’s original presentation was delivered to the Nursing Home Litigation Group during the AAJ Convention.

The abuse of any elderly or disabled person is always disturbing, but what can be especially cruel is the sexual abuse of those in assisted living facilities. Sexual predators take advantage of the elderly and disabled who may be physically or mentally unable to fight back. If a loved one has suffered this kind of attack, contact the Law Offices of Roger S. Weinberg office right away so we can take immediate legal action to make sure this abuse stops and your family member is protected. (more…)

Medication errors are common in health care settings. Whether the error is harmless or harmful depends on the medication, the dosage and the health of the patient. For nursing homes, the problem can be especially serious. Many residents take several medications, overall health may be poor and those who lack mental capacity can’t advocate for themselves or be proactive to prevent medication errors.

Medication errors happen across the spectrum of the health care system. Potentially preventable adverse drug events kill about 7,000 people annually according to American Nurse Today. (more…)

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