Why Roger S. Weinberg Is the Right Attorney for Your Client

You care about your clients. If you’re not comfortable handling a legal issue for them, you want their case handled by the right attorney. Someone that you trust, but also someone your client can trust. If your client or your client’s family is dealing with a case of a Maryland nursing home, assisted living facility or group home which has committed neglect, abuse or wrongful death, Roger Weinberg is the attorney you should talk to.

You may have developed a long-lasting, professional and personal relationship with your client. You care about him or her, and you want the best outcome possible not only because you represent their interests but because they’re good people. When you make a referral to another attorney, it also says something about you, your judgment and how well you know someone.

Roger Weinberg is the right attorney for these cases for many reasons. Most importantly, he cares about his clients as much as you do. Since 1983, he has devoted his career to helping those who need help the most — the elderly and disabled, those who are totally at the mercy of others. They have literally entrusted their lives and their physical and mental well-being to caregivers, and that trust was violated. He knows which cases have merit and their values in Maryland.

If your client or your client’s family needs help with the kind of case that Roger Weinberg takes, contact us so we can talk about the situation and how we can help.

  • We will personally discuss the merits of the case with your client.
  • We will discuss what’s needed for a successful case.
  • If we don’t accept the case, we will tell you and your client why.
  • If we accept the case, we will tell you and tell your client what to expect and how to prepare.
  • We will keep your client up to date on the case’s progress and promptly respond to their questions and requests.
  • We will handle the case from beginning to end.

Roger Weinberg has represented plaintiffs in a wide range of cases against Maryland nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes, leading to these sad conclusions:

  • Facility management and staff often skimp on care, fail to do the right thing, falsify records to cover their tracks, and fail to treat residents with basic respect and provide the medical care they need.
  • The elderly and disabled are at times intentionally subjected to terrible treatment that no one deserves.

Some of our cases involved these situations:

  • Nursing home staff acting negligently by failing to adequately intervene when a resident’s tracheostomy tube became blocked. The resident died because of a lack of oxygen. The case resulted in a confidential settlement.
  • Assisted living facility staff failed to transfer an 86-year-old resident to a hospital to obtain emergency medical care, causing her pain, suffering and death. A jury awarded $1,000,000 to our client.
  • Group home staff negligently failed to recognize severe constipation being suffered by a resident and did not obtain prompt, appropriate medical care, causing the death of the 22-year-old man. A confidential settlement was reached.
  • The family of an 89-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s dementia and a history of falling sued an assisted living facility because she left the facility, went into a courtyard, fell, suffered head injuries and died. The parties reached a confidential settlement.
  • The family of a 93-year-old woman brought a wrongful death claim against a nursing home because she developed Stage IV pressure ulcers (bedsores) and died. There was a confidential settlement.
  • A 22-year-old was sexually and physically abused by a caregiver in a group home. The state of Maryland shut down the facility and the caregiver was jailed and later deported. The parties reached a confidential settlement.
  • An 80-year-old came to a nursing home because she needed rehab due to a stroke and multiple medical problems. The staff negligently failed to properly assess her condition or develop and implement an appropriate care plan, resulting in a foot ulcer. The ulcer became gangrenous; it caused a bone infection which resulted in the amputation of most of her leg. The parties agreed to a confidential settlement.

If your client or your client’s family has suffered abuse or neglect by a Maryland nursing home, assisted living facility or group home, contact our office. Our consultation is free. Talk to us about your client’s situation and we can talk to you about how we can help and why we should be trusted to help you, your client and your client’s family in their time of need.

Attorney Roger S. Weinberg

Attorney Roger S. WeinbergRoger Weinberg is a skilled and experienced attorney who has pioneered the legal field of representing Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and Developmental Disability victims and their families who have experienced abuse, neglect and wrongful death. He is a leader in this field and teaches other lawyers, students and medical personnel about the laws impacting such cases. [ Attorney Bio ]

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